FITDIVER® Blogging Above and Below

FITDIVER® Blogging Above and Below

Gretchen M. Ashton, CFT, SFT, SFN, NBFE

FitDiver® Featured Exercise: Basic Crunch

Exercise:  Basic Crunch with Feet on Wall

Level:  Beginner to Advanced


Performing the basic crunch in this fashion reduces recruitment of the hip flexors and allows more focus on the anterior abdominals.  Begin with a natural position of the spine.  If needed a small folded towel or pad may be placed under the low back for added support.   Contract the abdominals (pull the belly button toward the spine), place hands behind the head for gentle support, lift the chin upward and inhale deeply through the nose. Exhale while continuing to pull the belly button toward the spine and lifting the upper body as shown until the curve of the low back flattens against the floor or pad. Increasing the lift of the upper body any further would involve enough other muscles to become less efficient and increase risk of injury.  Inhale while maintaining the abdominal contraction and lowering the upper body to the starting position and repeat. 




Modification:  Divers with precluding conditions of the upper spine, neck and shoulders may perform the abdominal contraction portion of this exercise for repetitions without raising the upper body and with a pad under the neck. 



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